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Jayne playing the fiddle

As a child, Jayne learned to play the violin, later running away with herself to play fiddle with Greenshoots ceilidh band. With some fellow band members she joined Offshoots, on fiddle and vocals, arranging and performing traditional and contemporary folk songs and tunes. She also indulged herself for a while as a folk-influenced singer songwriter, forming Reflexion with a couple of guitarist friends. It must, however, be admitted that she did not totally lose touch with her classical roots. She is a founder member of Moggy in the Wood, and their ‘proper’ musician, being able to read the dots as she goes and suchlike.


Guitar and Mandolin

Photo of Bob

After a mix up at the hospital Bob was taken from his aristocratic parents and made to live in Glasgow by Episcopalian fundamentalists where he was brought up as an altar boy. In spite of being subjected to Roger Whitaker and Val Doonican at an early age, Bob developed a great affection for the guitar and has played for about forty years. He has lived in Leicestershire since leaving Scotland 1988 (to avoid the poll tax). He plays mandolin banjo and fiddle for several morris dancing sides. His debut performance with Moggy in the Wood was in 2013.



Humphrey playing the accordion

Humphrey learned musical and circus skills at a young age, but he discovered that simultaneous accordion-unicycling is not required at Moggy in the Wood gigs, so he contents himself with just one. He has played for Morris dancing and ceilidhs since 2011 and is currently a musician with Boggart's Breakfast. His IT prowess and sound engineering background landed him the illustrious and exciting (and surprisingly without too many other volunteers) job of managing the website and other technical shenanigans. He joined Moggy in the Wood in 2021.


Caller, Guitar, Tin Whistle and Bodhran

David playing the Bodhran

David started going to folk dances around 1970 when he discovered that they meant you could actually get your arm around lots of young women as well as drinking beer and listening to (occasionally) good music. He has actually danced nearly all the dances he calls and, with other bands, accompanied them as well playing guitar mainly but also bodhran (celtic drum), mandolin and whistle. Since he took up calling he has discovered that the whistle gets in the way a bit and he can't play guitar and think about the dancers at the same time (single tasking male). This is why, when calling, you will usually see him beating a bodhran which also acts a bit like an accelerator should it be required.